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Sunday, January 8th, around 3:30 PM At the Barber and then the store

Sep. 12th, 2013 | 09:59 am
mood: annoyedannoyed

Aishida's manager had informed him in the morning that he was scheduled for a haircut at his barber shop. Apparently, the director for the upcoming drama had a specific style in mind for Aishida's hair. His current style was too long, his manager informed him over the phone. So they were here for a haircut.

As Aishida sat down, his manager explained what he wanted to the barber. He produced a picture, which had several drawings on it. Aishida assumed it was something that the stylist for the drama had drawn up when deciding on how he should look in the drama.

Aishida closed his eyes as the barber cut, relaxing as his hair was snipped, sliced and otherwise cut away. When the barber announced that he was done, Aishida opened his eyes. His manager looked satisfied and studied the cut from several angles, making sure it matched the picture in his hands.

"It's perfect! Great job!" his manager gushed at the barber.

Unfortunately, Aishida didn't really agree. "A bowl cut?! They want me to have a bowl cut!?" He asked, staring at the mirror. Well, it wasn't really a bowl cut. Actually, it framed his face nicely. On a girl, it would probably be called a bobbed haircut. He sighed. With this style, his beauty mark was more obvious. He usually strove to make it less obvious, not more.

"It's not a bowl cut." His manager said dismissively. "And the stylist selected the style. It suits you. You look less like a girl. Maybe now they'll stop putting you in dresses."

Aishida doubted it. He might look a little less girlie, but it wasn't much of an improvement. He sighed as he got up and let his manager pay. He walked out of the building and headed immediately for the nearest department store. He was going to buy a new outfit. It was only fair, since he'd just gotten a haircut that he wasn't sure he would ever like.

((OOC: Thanks Natsumi-chan for the idea. Masato is a definitely a better fit for Aishida. ^^ ))

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Saturday January 7, Homeroom D

Aug. 27th, 2013 | 11:02 am
mood: amusedamused

((OOC: People in the Class Aishida, Ai, Kasai, Kazuo, Kazuya, Natsumi; Teacher:Akari Yasui))

Aishida smiled as he read the script for the first episode of the drama he was acting in. His manager had given him the script the night before and was working out a schedule that did not require Aishida to miss too many classes. He calmly read his character's lines and couldn't help the slightly amused expression. The character was the flirtatious, sexy type that didn't care if a person was male or female. When he thought about it, the character had a similar attitude toward girls as Kazuya, going around flirting with anyone in a skirt.

He glanced up guiltily at the thought. He didn't want to draw on Kazuya as inspiration for the part, especially since the character was not a bully. He was just the flirty best friend of the main character in the drama. He looked back down at the script and read another line. Aishida could understand why he'd been picked for the part. A pretty face was a necessity for the role.

He frowned slightly as he read the next action in his first scene. Apparently, he was going to turn his flirting from the pretty girl to the boy she was with when he objected. It was surprisingly like the situation that had happened at his parent-teacher conference and he couldn't help the slow smile that grew as he decided exactly how he was going to portray the scene. He was going to turn on the other actor in the same way he had Shindo. The teacher's reactions were more expressive and obviously uncomfortable than Aishida had expected and he hoped he could draw a similar expression out of the actor when they started filming the scene.

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Thursday January 5, 11:30 am At a Coffee Shop for Modeling Work

Jul. 29th, 2013 | 08:58 am
mood: accomplished

Aishida was on a break after having several photos taken of him and two girls at a local coffee shop. The photographer was adamant that the photos had to be taken in a natural setting, so he'd made arrangements with the coffee shop owner to borrow a large corner of the shop for the photo shoots. The rest of the coffee shop was still being used for normal business, which was giving a natural background to the photos. They a section set up with screens for the models to change between shots and were causing a large commotion in the coffee shop. More customers were sitting around watching the photo shoot while drinking their coffee, talking in hushed and excited tones.

Aishida sighed as he checked his phone for messages. He'd been busy since the third and his commercial was showing up on all of the television channels. The commercial had jump-started his career, apparently. He'd had ten more commercial offers and the modeling work had picked up dramatically. He felt that his audition for the role of the main character's best friend in an upcoming drama was also good, but he hadn't yet heard back from them.

He frowned as he saw a message from an unknown number. Normally, he didn't listen to messages while he was at work, but he decided to make an exception as his manager brought a cup of coffee over to him. "Mr. Koimitsu, congratulations. You've been selected for the role of Katsumaru. Please have your manager pick up the script and we will discuss scheduling."

It was all he could do not to drop the phone. A satisfied smile spread over his face as he looked up at his manager. "I just got an interesting message." He replayed the message for his manager, who did nothing to hide his excitement. "This is great! It's a large role and it might result in a main role in the future!" His manager said, practically buzzing with excitement.

Aishida took the cup of coffee, drinking automatically. "Aishida! The girls are done, go change!" He nodded, getting up and stepping behind the screen. He changed quickly in the outfit that was set out for him and allowed the make-up artist and hair stylist to adjust his look for the next set of photos.

When he stepped out, he could hear the other models talking about a super-model they'd heard about from France. "I heard she moved to Japan!" one girl said, talking behind her hand. "Oh! I've seen her...I wonder if we'll get a chance to meet her! She's my role model! But I heard she hasn't done any modeling for a few years..." Aishida shook his head.

"Girls, if you work hard, I'm sure you'll meet her eventually." He said, giving them a slow smile. "But right now, it's time to focus on our work."

The girls nodded. They listened to the directions of the photographer and moved according to the scene they were portraying so that the photographer could get the best shots. Aishida put the rumors and the new drama role out of his mind, allowing his mind to re-focus on portraying the seductive boyfriend for the photo shoot.

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Monday, January 2nd, 5:25 PM Window Shopping in Shinjuku

Jul. 10th, 2013 | 12:05 pm
mood: amusedamused

Aishida was in a good mood. Actually, he was in a great mood. The commercial he'd shot was coming out today. In fact, his manager had told him to get out and hit the town. He had a slight bounce to his walk as he stepped off the train at Shinjuku Station, though his face was carefully wiped clean of his excited energy. He put a slightly bored and sleepy look on his face.

As he walked out of the station, he got an unexpected surprise. A billboard with his face on it was staring back at him, holding the can of soda that he'd been forced to drink for the commercial. He could hardly believe it and had to blink a few times and look away to determine if he was actually seeing what he thought he was seeing. Looking back at the billboard, he was satisfied that it really was his face. He could remember a few pictures being taken when they were shooting the commercial, but he'd been so focused on getting his expressions right and acting in front of the camera that he'd ignored those images. Evidently, they were using him for all of the ads.

While he studied the image, he heard a few girls nearby talking about him. "No way...do you think that's really the same guy?" "Obviously...just look at the billboard." They continued along those lines until Aishida turned his blue eyes toward them and smiled. It was the same smile pictured in the billboard and the girls immediately came over, completely excited.

It took a few minutes before he could move on, but the short distraction left him in an even better mood. The girl had said they'd buy all of the magazines with his pictures in them, after all. As he window shopped, he glanced up to see one of the large televisions that was showing the latest entertainment news. As it went to commercial, he caught his breath. There was his commercial. It now made sense that his manager had specified Shinjuku.

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Tuesday December 27, around 3:00 PM at the pastry shop where he works

Jun. 18th, 2011 | 09:12 pm

Aishida sighed softly as he walked into the pastry shop where he'd been drafted to work. The woman he worked for was an over-the-top otaku and he was constantly embarrassed.

"Let's see...today's costume is...Belldandy...from Ah! My Goddess..." he said softly, frowning at the costume. It was not only Belldandy, but it was complete with wings.

He sighed as he got into the costume. He couldn't help sighing again as he added the makeup to complete the look.

Taking a look downward, Aishida blushed to see that the skirt that looked so long when he'd picked it up was short in the front and only long in the back.

Taking a deep breath, the boy squared his shoulders and walked out into the shop only to have samples pressed into his hands and pushed out the door to bring in customers. With a blush, he looked around at the crowds.

Another deep breath and he turned on his acting button. A bright and charming smile came to his lips. "Come try our tasty pastries!" he called, already gaining attention.

"Try our heavenly treats! We have pastries for all tastes!" he said, pitching his voice to sound more feminine.

((OOC: He's wearing Belldandy's Costume here: http://www.cosplayful.com/media/catalog/category/ah_my_goddess_tv_203_1024_1.jpg Belldandy is the one in the middle. ^^ ))

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Saturday December 24th, 5 pm Ramen shop

Jul. 7th, 2009 | 09:33 am

Aishida sighed at his sister as she begged and pleaded with him. They'd just watched a movie that she'd begged to watch and now she was begging him to treat her to dinner as well.

"What about Mom....she's not going to be happy when we don't show up for dinner." Aishida said, really only teasing her, but enjoying the way his little sister pouted at him. She was always nicer this time of year and he always remembered the years when she'd been a cute little sister when she pouted like that. For all that she was always blackmailing him, he still thought of her as his baby sister.

"I already told Mommy that we're going to eat out..." she said, looking up at him through her lashes and giving him an adorable puppy dog look. He sighed and then ruffled her hair in that way she hated.

"Fine, we'll get some ramen." he said, heading into the shop with her following on his heels. She let out a happy little cheer as she looked at the menu to decide what she wanted.

"Should I get pork or beef? Or maybe I should get vegetarian...." she muttered, looking down at her hips as she considered that last. She was naturally slender and she smiled a bit. "Definately pork."

Aishida shook his head a bit, smiling. Pork was her favorite for ramen and he'd known she would ultimately decide on it. He considered the options and decided he would get vegetarian. He had a photo shoot coming up soon and he couldn't afford to get any extra fat. He would have to work off the extra calories later. He put in their orders and then sat back to wait, listening to his sister's excited chatter. She was always cheerful and excited at Christmas.

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Tuesday December 20th, 6:14 pm Shopping with his sister

Jun. 2nd, 2009 | 11:06 am

Aishida smiled at his little sister as she exclaimed over some cute little Christmas trinket. He would probably buy it for her. He was in a good mood since Natsumi had said she would come out with him and his sister hadn't even tried to blackmail him lately. Plus, it was Christmas and New Years. His family wasn't Christian, but the holiday was fun to celebrate anyway.

He waited until his sister was looking at the New Year decorations, the reason for their trip, before he bought her the little trinket. He hid it in his coat and joined her in looking at the decorations. Their grandparents would be coming to visit for New Years, so his mom and dad were preparing to make it as traditional as possible. His mother was already cleaning like a crazy woman so that there would be nothing in regards to cleanliness that she could be faulted for. Aishida and his sister had been sent for the traditional decorations that had either worn out the year before or that they simply didn't have, as well as New Years cards to be sent.

Seeing a key chain, Aishida left his sister's side to look more closely at it. It was a crane with the symbol for luck etched into it, delicately made so that each feather looked almost real. He bought it, thinking that Natsumi might like it. He planned to get her something else as well, but something meant for luck was never a bad gift.

He then bought the decorations his sister plunked down on the counter. "Would you like to go to a coffee shop, imouto?" he asked his sister, smiling at her. For a moment, she looked at him with confusion, but then grinned.

"Yeah! Hot chocolate would be nice in this weather, 'Nii-chan." she replied, brightening at the idea. She knew it was that he was in a good mood from the CM as well as getting a chance to spend time with Natsumi, but she liked the other girl and she had no guilt about taking advantage of her brother's happy mood.

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Monday December 19th, at the shoe cubby after school

Apr. 13th, 2009 | 07:18 pm

Aishida was in a good mood, as he'd been since the CM shoot. He couldn't believe that he was actually going to be on tv whenever the editing was finished. It was both scary and exciting at the same time. As he put on his outdoor shoes and replaced his school shoes, he couldn't help smiling brightly.

He double checked that he had all of his homework materials, almost letting the thought of homework even so close to the holidays ruin his mood, but he shook off the sad thoughts and turned to thinking about what his mother would make for dinner.

'I should see if Natsumi-chan would like to go somewhere and celebrate with me...I haven't had time to talk to her much lately, since I've been doing so many auditions. Maybe she'd let me take her out if I told her about the commercial...She might not want to date me...but maybe she'd go with me as a friend to celebrate the next step of my career.' he thought, letting himself hope for the best.

With that thought in mind, he started to look and see if he could spot her, though he wasn't sure that she was even still at school, since he'd been lost in his own world and so many students had already left.

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Saturday December 17th, 4:36 pm At a studio

Mar. 23rd, 2009 | 07:08 pm

Aishida was excited. This was his first commercial. It was for some new drink that was coming out soon and he'd already been warned that he would probably have to drink a few cans of the stuff before the commercial was finished, but he didn't care. It was the first step to getting an actual acting role. His acting debut, even though he wasn't actually going to be speaking.

The commercial wouldn't be out for at least a couple weeks, but the filming would be completed today.

He took his place, listening to the director of the commercial as he explained how he wanted Aishida to act.

Aishida nodded that he was ready and once the director said "ACTION!" he immediately picked up the drink, smiling a bit, and took a sip. He then looked directly at the camera and gave it a broad, satisfied looking smile.

The first take was dismissed at bad due to some lighting problems. Aishida sighed a bit as the whole thing was redone. It was going to be a long night.

'It's a good thing tomorrow's Sunday...' he thought as they got ready for the filming to start again, lighting problems fixed.

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Saturday December 3rd, 8:32 pm at an arcade

Jul. 21st, 2008 | 09:11 am

Aishida smiled at his manager as he walked into the arcade. "Relax. There won't be trouble this time. We're just here to celebrate a sucessful shoot and getting that runway job."

"But Koi-kun, you shouldn't be here. Soon everyone will know your face and you'll have fans..." His manager looked around, eyes slightly wide. The man didn't get out much, and rarely went to arcades unless Aishida made him. He always refused to play the games though.

"What happens in the future isn't what's happening now. If I can't come play games later, than I should play now while I'm not yet so well known. You know I want to eventually act as well as model...someday I'll be famous enough that I can't come to places like this....so I want to enjoy it while I can." Aishida picked a game and popped a few coins in, starting to play.

"Well, I can't stop you obviously. Just don't forget that you have a shoot tomorrow after your other job and it's not one you can miss if you want to land that new commercial next week. You need at least one more modeling job to have the minimum professional requirements."

"I remember....Don't worry so much. We'll be here for a few games, maybe an hour at most, then you can take me home and I'll get some beauty sleep and be fresh and ready tomorrow." Aishida frowned when he lost the game, then pointedly looked at his manager to say a clear 'stop distracting me and this will go faster' before popping a few more coins in to restart it.

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OOC: Survey 2

Jul. 11th, 2008 | 12:50 pm

Survey 2Collapse )

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Sunday, November 27th Around 1:30 pm At the Pastry Shop

Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 10:01 pm
location: Work, the pastry shop

Aishida stood behind the register, ringing up a customer. It was one of those Otaku who came here to make goo-goo eyes at the workers, unknowing that the workers dressed like girls were actually guys. Or at least, they seemed to think so. It was hard to tell with those guys, since they were making the eyes at the character Aishida was dressed up as.

Today he found himself dressed up as the police girl from Hellsing, complete with thigh-high black boots, itty-bitty skirt and huge fake boobs. All in all, the outfit was rather embarrassing, but it was high cut to hide the fact that the boobs were fake, which was why his boss had chosen it. She was ecentric in her decisions, and today it seemed she wanted to do something more uncomfortable.

'How on earth do girls wear skirts all the time? It's drafty and sitting is almost impossible!' he thought, giving the customer that had just paid a smile and pleasant "Thank you" before turning to the next in line. They weren't swamped, but the place was decently busy, so there were a few more people in line to be rung in with a couple people looking around and deciding.

Shoving his thoughts to the back of his mind, Aishida focused on the task at hand: taking care of customers. It was a fairly mind-numbingly easy job, but it kept him occupied for the moment. He had a photo shoot try out scheduled for three and was supposed to be done working in an hour, so it was only an hour left until he would be free of the girl's clothes and onto the work he really enjoyed.

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Tuesday November 22nd, Third Hour Math Basics

Feb. 21st, 2008 | 04:50 pm
location: School
music: His own thoughts

((People in this class: Math Basics- Aishida, Amanda, Kanako, Kasumi, Matthew, Miyavi,
Okita, Ryo, Shige, Takarai, Yui, Yukimura, Yumi))

Aishida walked into the classroom, already rubbing his temples at the idea of having to learn more math. 'Really...what's the point in learning anything beyond the basics of what a normal person actually uses in life?' he thought, glancing around as he headed for his seat.

Sitting down and taking out his notes, he opened to a new page and then brought out his homework, which really was a pretty good mess. Everything was scribbled and written in such a way as to be almost impossible to read until the answer, which was scrawled and circled big enough and in a blank space so as to be seen. Half of them were most likely incorrect, but Aishida was passing the class with enough of a "good" grade to please his mother, though it was only just in the range needed to be allowed to work his two jobs.

A small smile touched his lips as he recalled giving the photos from the beauty contest to his manager. His manager hadn't been too surprised that Aishida made a decently pretty looking "girl", but he wasn't expecting to be given proof in so extreme a manner. 'Sakurai might have won, but second place and those pictures means my manager might seriously consider new avenues for my modeling.' he thought, his smile taking on just a hint of smugness. 'And now nobody will discount when I tell them I make a pretty girl.'

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November 19th, 7:19 am School Festival

Apr. 29th, 2007 | 07:40 pm
location: School

((HMD - Machiko Sugawara (Bio)- Aishida, Kasai, Kazuo, Kazuya, Natsumi))

Aishida headed toward the classroom to work on the kissing booth after having stopped and put Kazuya, Kasai and his names in Toriyama's beauty pageant. He'd thought that the idea of a kissing booth was ridiculous, but Toriyama's class had an idea that was so out there that it would probably end up as one of the most popular events. It was either going to end up one of the most popular, or it would end up as a complete flop. Either way, Aishida was sure that he'd make a pretty girl. He wasn't sure who all was going to be competing, so he wasn't sure if he'd win or not.

'Nakamura's good looking...so he's competition. Ax is definitely competition. He's almost as pretty as I am...who else....Oh, that red-head kid...he almost looks like a girl without dressing like one...I don't remember his name though....but I think he was in Toriyama's class. Maybe Ax's cousin...Jiro I think was his name...he'd probably make good competition too. I think I'll beat Kasai. I don't see him as making a pretty girl.' His thoughts continued along that vein for awhile, assessing the attractiveness of the male students and envisioning them as girls to see if they'd be at all pretty.

He finally arrived at the classroom and looked around to see if anyone else was there yet. Seeing nobody, he sighed and got to work on the decorations. There were only a couple last minute things to do, but he wanted to make sure they actually got done.

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Sunday November 6th, At a ramen shop 12:15 pm

Aug. 20th, 2006 | 09:54 am
music: His sister's rambling

Aishida walked into the ramen shop near his work, being tailed by his sister. He'd had an early interview that morning and was scheduled to work at the pastry shop starting at 1:30. He hadn't had a chance to eat yet, and had run into his younger sister on the way. She'd been surprisingly nice to him lately, though he supposed part of that was due to the fact that she could see he was already doing more than he probably should.

"Onii-chan, will you pay for me? I spent my allowance already." Hitomi said, giving him a similar charming smile to his own. The resemblance between the two was obvious, especially when they were trying to get their way. Aishida sighed dramatically as he looked at her.

"You can't keep spending your money like that. Or you'll have to apply to the school to get a job, though I don't think they'll let you at your age. Mom and Dad make enough to support you." Aishida said, looking over the menu. "But I'll pay for you today, since we're both already here."

"Thank you, Onii-chan." she leaned up and gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek. She then turned her attention to looking at the menu. Walking over to the counter, she placed her order. Aishida followed her example shortly, placing his own order.

They both took a seat to wait for their food to be cooked. While they waited, Aishida looked around. He liked ramen, and couldn't remember exactly why it was that he didn't ever come here. He knew there was something that made him wary of coming here, but he shrugged off the thought as he turned his attention back to his sister telling him the latest news at her middle school.

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Wednesday November 2, First Hour Homeroom D

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 05:19 pm

((People in this homeroom: HMD - Machiko Sugawara (Bio)- Aishida, Kasai, Kazuo, Kazuya, Natsumi))

Aishida walked into class, letting out a large yawn. He had work again after school and was starting to get tired of it. He'd only been working at the pastry shop for a few weeks, but between that job, the small modeling jobs he was getting and school, he'd been getting less sleep than he'd like. His manager said it was a good thing, since he was getting practice in acting and modeling at his job, since it was otaku themed and he always had to wear a costume everyday he worked.

He headed to his seat and sat down, putting his head in his hand and staring blankly ahead. '...I wonder how Natsumi is doing...? She must be tired too. She works at the pastry shop too, and I think she has another job on the weekends sometimes too.' he thought with another yawn.

Aishida smiled slightly as his thoughts turned to Natsumi. 'She's cute...not as muscular as I usually like....but she's pretty. And she's nice. I wonder if she'd go on a date with me...? Maybe I shouldn't think of that though.....we're both busy...asking for a date when we're both so busy would be selfish....and she might be uncomfortable at work if I asked and she turned me down....and what if she doesn't like me?'

After glancing at the clock, Aishida sighed. Class would start soon, and he didn't really want to be at school.

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Saturday, October 22nd, around 3 pm at an audition for a shoot

Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 04:37 pm

Aishida sighed as he looked over at his manager. The two of them had been working at getting him a specific shoot, and it was now between him and one other guy. It made him happy that he was one of the finalists, but he was worried because the other guy had more experience. He kept his face as carefully blank of that worry as he could and gave the judges a charming smile. He might not have a lot of experience, but he was getting more and more as he was becoming more well known.

"Thank you for considering me as a candidate for this photoshoot. I am still in school, so if that will cause any difficulties, I am very sorry. I also have another job at a pastry shop to help pay for things for the time being, since I have only had a few jobs so far. If that is a problem as well, I am very sorry." Aishida said, informing them of any possible problems before hand so that should he ever be late, they would have known before they ever hired him that he was busy.

He bowed from his seat in a carefully controled way and gave them another small smile. Despite his busy schedule, he knew he could get time off at the pastry shop if he had to and he also knew that being in school wouldn't be a fault they found in him. After all, at least he was going to high school, and he knew that not all models bothered to finish it.

The judges looked at him for another moment before starting to talk quietly among themselves. After a moment, they all nodded and the spokesman put his hands in front of him. "We will let you know when a final decision has been made. Thank you for your hard work today." he said, giving them a dismisal.

Both Aishida and his manager got up and bowed before leaving the room. When they were finally out of the room, Aishida sighed with relief. They hadn't been frowning, and that was a good sign. And finally the audition was over. He'd been there an hour and a half for this audition and it only had the two boys, and he'd been starting to audition for the shoot a couple weeks before. He grinned at his manager and motioned that they should go back to practicing. "Time for practice...I have work in an hour I think."

His manager nodded and led the way to a room where they could teach and let model's practice anything from just random poses to walking along a catwalk.

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Monday October 17th, around 4 pm at the pastry shop

May. 13th, 2006 | 03:49 pm
location: pastry shop

Aishida walked into the pastry shop he'd been bullied into working at. His new boss was a formidable woman, and his manager had laughed when he'd mentioned the whole thing. And then had told him to work there, since it would be a good experience. He'd been surprised at the somewhat amused tone he'd heard his manager using, but he figured it was due to the situation.

'...at least, that's what I would have thought....but I'm guessing it had to do with....this work uniform.....' he thought, looking at the options for a uniform for the day. Apparently the boss liked to dress her male workers as women and her female workers as men. He looked again at the costume and made a face.

'well...I guess I could look as this as an opportunity to get used to wearing wigs...' he thought, trying desparately to find a good thing about this whole thing. 'And at least I get to work with that cute girl, Natsumi-chan....' he grinned, smiling at the memory. He hadn't seen if she was here or not when he'd come in, since he'd been told "go change" the second he'd stepped into the store.

He looked at the costume again with a sigh and then started to change. If he had to wear the damned thing, he might as well get the changing clothes thing over with and get to work. At least with the costume on, people might not recognise him. 'I'll bet my manager figures this'll be good practice for modeling....since he seemed to know about this place when I mentioned it....of course, he's a closet otaku...so I shouldn't be suprised that he knows otaku pastry shops.'

He looked at the costume again and sighed dramatically. He was given the costume of Haruhi from Ouran Host Club...when she was in a frilly, fluffy dress. There were so many frills it would even look like he had a chest. '...I have to admit, it must have taken a lot of work to do this.....but still...a dress?' he thought.

((OOC: http://ouran.krysyuy.net/images/gallery/v05j.jpg The outfit is the one the girl is wearing))

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Friday October 7th, Second Hour Double English

Apr. 17th, 2006 | 06:38 pm
music: his brain going "tick, tick, tick, CRASH!"

((Double English 1 - Aishida, Amanda, Ayame, Jiro, Kazuo, Kira, Leo, Matthew, Miyavi, Rei, Ritsuko, Ryo, Shige, Sumie, Yuusou))

Aishida walked into class, and sighed softly. English was one of the harder classes for him. He wasn't really sure why, but he guessed a good part of it was that everything had exceptions and specific structures. He didn't like the class much, so having a double class in it tended to make him somewhat depressed. 'ugh....English....' he thought, a slight pout coming to his expression.

He took his seat and tried hard not to just crumple down and look as sad as he was. English didn't make sense to him, no matter how hard he tried. He got a B average in the class usually, and his mother kept threatening him to take away his chances at being a model until he was 18 if he didn't raise the grade. 'No matter how much I study, I can't seem to make it stick enough to get A's on the tests though...' he thought.

He set his head down on the desk and stared straight ahead and couldn't help letting out another sigh. The class was boring and hard, so he didn't particularly want to be there, but he wouldn't dare skip. His mother would somehow find out and then he'd really be in trouble. As class actually started, he brought his focus to the assignment, writing simple sentences.

'....these are supposed to be simple....but this is really hard....' he thought, writing another sentence after some careful thought.

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Tuesday October 4th, Tennis Practice

Mar. 12th, 2006 | 06:44 pm
music: squeeking of tennis shoes and tennis balls being hit

((Others in Tennis (m) - Ami, Jiro, Karasu, Kazuo, Kurosaki, Leo, Miki))

Aishida started stretching as he waited for practice to actually start. He was a little bit early, so not many other students were there yet. He frowned slightly as his thoughts turned to the paper that had been printed the day before. While it didn't bother him that nobody thought of him as a threat, since he wasn't one and didn't ever fight, more like ran away as fast as he could so that nobody could harm his beautiful face, it did bother him that Toriyama had personal information about students. Granted, he had nothing to hide, since he wasn't really ever in trouble, his grades were generally A or B average and his family life was normal. He was more concerned with the fact that a student could access information that was kept hidden for whatever reasons.

After he finished stretching, he decided to put those thoughts from his mind and started running to warm up. He liked tennis, since it was a good work out, but not anything that could be considered callous or particularly dangerous. As long as the ball didn't hit him right in the eye with a hard hit, he had nothing to really worry about. Since it was a sport that required a good amount of running and such, it helped to keep his body lean and muscled, which was perfect for his modeling. 'After all, what girl wants to hang up pictures of a guy that has no muscles on her walls?' he thought, a slight smile coming to his lips.

He didn't even pay attention to who was or was not at practice. He was busy with his thoughts and the movements of running, trying to see who showed up would only cause him to fall or something, which would be no good to him. When he finished running, he got ready for practice matches, though he wasn't sure if they would be playing singles or doubles today.

"Ok boys! Today we'll be working on singles games. Look at the chart to see who you're playing against." The coach, Hiroshi Kuwabara said while putting up a chart where everyone could see it. The chart said:

Leo, Jiro
Kurosaki, Ami
Miki, Karasu
Kazuo, Aishida

Aishida blinked at seeing his name by Kazuo's and couldn't help the small sigh that escaped him. 'I hope he's not like his brother, that would just be annoying.' he thought, swiftly hiding the thoughts with a pleasant expression.

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Saturday October 1st, around 6 pm at the movie theatre

Feb. 15th, 2006 | 02:21 pm
music: People talking and laughing in the theatre lobby

Aishida sighed as he looked at his sister and her friends. He'd just been paid the day before from the modeling jobs he'd recently been doing, and his sister saw fit to decide that since he got paid, he could take her and her friends to the movies. Of course he'd argued, but somehow here he was buying tickets for his sister, himself and her three friends. 'Why do I have to come to this stupid movie too...?' he thought, trying not to think of how much he was going to spend. Thinking back, he couldn't help but think how sneaky his sister had been when she brought up the movie.

"Ai nii-chan! The tickets." Hitomi said, breaking into his thoughts and bringing his mind back to the present. He handed her the tickets for herself and the other girls and resigned himself to the fate that is having a little sister who somehow finds out everything there is to possibly know about you and uses that information to get what she wants.

He followed after the girls into the theatre and tried not to show a pout on his face. 'I didn't want to spend the whole evening with my sister....I finally got an evening to myself, and she has to decide to drag me out here today. I'll have to think of some way to get back at her for depleting my bank account when I'm trying to save.' he thought, the pout he tried to suppress coming to his face.

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Friday September 23rd, First Hour Homeroom

Jan. 29th, 2006 | 12:58 am

((HMD Machiko Sugawara (Bio) - Aishida, Ayame, Kasai, Kazuo, Kazuya, Natsumi))

Aishida yawned as he walked into class. He wasn't a morning person really, and he didn't like having to be at school quite so early. He sat down and waited for school to actually start while finishing up some homework from the night before. He hadn't wanted to finish it, though he'd told his mother he was done. He thought for a moment before writing down the answer to one of the questions. He sighed as he looked at the next question. It was a bit more difficult, and he didn't really want to think much at the moment.

'School's too tiring....and it hardly seems to have much of a point any longer...I should just quit, but I need to be working first. And Mom would kill me. She says I need to at least have a high school degree.' he thought, hiding another yawn behind his hand. 'She'd make me quit modeling if I quit school....'

Aishida's expression turned thoughtful as he thought, a slight smile coming to his face. 'I have that interview for a commercial tomorrow....I hope I make it. I'd get a good start in modeling if I can land the commercial. Of course, that's only a start, and I'm not interviewing for the main person, but at least it's a start. And a commercial is a good place to get known. I'd have more people wanting me for photoshoots, rather than just a few here and there.'

He doodled an outfit for a photoshoot he wanted to get while he thought, one that was much bigger than the small, minor roles he'd been given in the shoots so far. He knew he was a long way off from being big, but he also knew that getting the commercial would get him closer to his goal.

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Sunday, September 18th around 3:00 pm walking around

Jan. 14th, 2006 | 05:48 pm
music: traffic going by

Aishida hummed as he walked down the street. He was excited, since he was going to be doing a photo shoot. Granted, he wasn't the main model, but he was starting to become known in the modeling world, and that was a start at least. He looked down at the directions his manager had given him and glanced at the street sign. 'It has to be around her somewhere....' he thought, looking around.

After a few more minutes of wandering, he gave up and pulled out his cell phone. If he didn't hurry, he'd be late and that was never good. Of course, he still had half an hour to arrive, but he didn't know if he'd make it, since he had no clue where he was. He dialed his managers number and waited. When his manager finally picked up, he couldn't help a small grin coming to his face.

"...this is Aishida...yeah....I'm lost...." Aishida said into the phone, looking around for cross streets so he could get directions from there. After naming where he was, he jotted down the directions his manager gave him and smiled. "Thanks. I'll be there as soon as I can get there." With that, he hung up and started walking again. He wasn't too far now, so he wasn't worried about the time any longer.

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Saturday September 9th, around 7 pm In his room and then the store

Dec. 21st, 2005 | 10:29 am

Aishida sighed softly as he looked at his math homework. He didn't want to do his homework, but knew that if he didn't get it done today, his mother would be upset and then ground him from the one modeling job he'd been able to get. The next day he was going to do a minor modeling position. Even though it was in the background, he was finally starting to get jobs.

'If this job goes well, I'll be able to start getting more. Hopefully this will lead to something bigger where I'm not a background extra, but the main model.' he thought, giving a contented sigh at the thought.

'Now...back to math....I hate math....GAH!!!! I don't get it at all!' he thought, frustratedly tossing his pencil aside and tugging at his hair some.

"I'll just go out for a bit and clear my head.....I've been working on this one problem for a while....and I need a break. Besides, all I have left is math homework...." he muttered before walking down the stairs and heading out.

"I'm going for a walk, I'll be back in a while." he called to his mother before walking out of the house and heading toward the store. 'I guess I'll pick up something to refresh me and make sure I look as beautiful as I possibly can tomorrow.'

He walked into the store and started to look around, not sure what he wanted to get.

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Tuesday September 6th, 3rd Hour Math Basics

Nov. 25th, 2005 | 06:47 pm
music: Students milling around in the background

((People in this class: Aishida, Amanda, Chiisuchine, Kanako, Kasumi, Matthew, Miyavi, Miyoko, Ryo, Shige, Yui, Yukimura, Yumi))

Aishida sat silently, waiting for class to start. So far, he hadn't really met many people at school, but it had only been a couple of days. He figured he'd eventually meet people, and he hoped they wouldn't be all gang members, because he really didn't like violence.

He watched other students starting to mill about the room as they came in. Math wasn't his strong area, though he wasn't particularly bad at it either. His mind was more arts oriented than logically oriented, so he didn't really understand the purpose of math beyond the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Aishida sighed softly as he waited, starting to get very bored with waiting. It wasn't a class that interested him in the least, so he could only imagine how boring it would be once it actually started. He started to doodle some in his notebook as he waited, thinking of a design his manager was saying would look good on him if altered just a bit. He didn't really see it, since the design was both essentric and made him look like a peacock.

'He thinks I'd look good in a peacock outfit....I just don't see how anyone could look good in something that...out there. I mean, I look good in a lot of things, but why would he want me to walk a runway wearing an outfit that looks like a peacock? That's just weird, and it will probably ruin my chances.' he thought, running a hand through his hair and making a face at the doodle.

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August 21, at a department store around 3 pm

Nov. 15th, 2005 | 11:29 pm
music: Whatever music they're playing in the store

Aishida looked at a pair of pants and sighed. There just wasn't anything that appealed to his tastes in this store. Granted, he was looking at normal clothes, but there was no creativity to the clothes that he was looking at. He looked at the pants again and considered his options. With a shrug, he moved on to look at a shirt. It had english writing on it, so he wasn't really sure what it said....it looked like it said something about a doll, but he wasn't really sure what the other word on it was. He shook his head as he looked it over and sighed again.

"There's nothing creatively interesting in this store...." he muttered softly to himself before moving on to look at some more pants and shaking his head. He picked up a shirt and sighed again as he looked in the mirror at how it would look if he were to wear it. He shook his head and put it down. He then moved on to look at male kimono and debate about getting something like that instead of normal clothes.

'Granted, it would stand out...but then I might get bad publicity for wearing something old fashioned. I'm trying to become a model, I can't go out looking like I want to dress the way people have dressed for centuries in Japan. I need something original and unique....but I guess that's something I'll have to make myself....or have Mother help me with.' he thought as he looked at the generic outfits offered in the store.

After a while of looking, he wandered over toward the area he knew his sister would be eventually and sat at a bench to wait. It was supposed to be an outing for the siblings, but that was more an excuse for his sister to blackmail him out of whatever little money he had and not have their parents be suspitious of her actions.

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Tuesday, August 16th around 6pm at a restraunt with his family

Nov. 2nd, 2005 | 03:11 pm
music: Whatever the restraunt is playing

Aishida sighed softly as he and his family were seated at the restraunt. He was a bit depressed, since he still hadn't been able to do a runway job yet. He could walk the runways easily now, but by the time he was able to easily walk the runways, his manager had said that the jobs in the area available were ones he didn't want Aishida to do just yet, since he didn't have the experience of a long time model.

"Ai-kun, don't be sad. We even brought you out to eat dinner so you'd cheer up." Momoka, his mother, said in a pleading voice. She hated to see her son depressed. She also knew that getting him out of the house was better than letting him sulk in his room.

"He's just upset because his ego's been knocked down a notch, Mumma. You shouldn't spoil him so much." Hitomi said, sticking her tongue out at her brother. She then grinned at him in a way that said she could easily tell a certain secret or two to their mother to get her angry at him, if he didn't step in that is.

"Mother, I'm fine. I'm just upset that I have to start in small time modeling. But I shouldn't be, everyone has to start somewhere. 'Tomi is right, you shouldn't spoil me just because I'm a bit upset. I need to make my own way in the world soon." Aishida said quickly, hoping Hitomi wouldn't say anything else. "That reminds me, could 'Tomi and I go to a movie after dinner? I promised I'd take her to see that new one that just came out..."

His parents both looked a little surprised at his question, but they both nodded slowly to give their consent. "We'll give you money for the tickets, but you'll have to buy any snacks you want with your allowance money." Satsuke said, trying to sound firm, though his whole family knew he'd give in with just a little pressure from any of them.

"I'm so happy to see you two getting along!" Momoka said, grinning widely at her two children.

Aishida sighed as he looked at his parents and then his sister. 'How is it that me and Hitomi look as good as we do when our parents look as awkward as they do...I'd swear we were adopted if it wasn't for the fact that we look the alike and there are newborn pictures of both of us. And I wonder what she wants this time...it can't be good if that smile is anything to go by.'

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(no subject)

Oct. 25th, 2005 | 08:05 pm

click here if you want to hear of my awesome beautyCollapse )

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Monday August 1st, around noon headed toward his manager's studio/office

Oct. 19th, 2005 | 09:44 am
mood: ecstaticecstatic
music: The sounds of the city

Aishida sighed as he waited for the train. He was a bit early, since he didn't want to risk being late. He had an interview today and his new manager had said that if it went well, they could expect that he'd be modeling soon after school started. Aishida was excited, though a person wouldn't see anything but casual interest in whether his train was there yet or not if they looked at him. He'd been practicing not showing his true feelings for years, since he had to learn to put his own feelings aside if he was to be a great model and hopefully someday a great actor.

He watched as his train finally pulled up and he stepped on. He was hoping things would go well today so that he could start modeling soon. Most models could become actors or singers if they were talented enough. Or pretty enough, as the case may be. 'In this shallow society, looks are everything.' he thought, brushing the slightly longer than shoulder length locks of hair out of his face and sending a smile to some young women he saw watching him.

He waited for his stop to come up, sighing again in a dramatically bored way. When it finally stopped at his stop, he sent another smile at the young women and a wink before leaving. He could hear the giggling as he left the train and couldn't help the slight grin that crossed his features.

He headed to where his manager had said he was going to be learning to walk a runway the proper way. If he got it right quickly, his manager had said that he was going to start looking for work on the runways. He couldn't wait to be an actual model, but he knew that getting started in such a competative business would take some time, even if the pieces were starting to fall into place.

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Testing my beauty in this lighting.....

Oct. 3rd, 2005 | 11:01 pm
mood: accomplished

This is just a test of my extraordinary beauty....don't be jealous, I was just born this way....Muwah! I'll sign autographs later.

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